Oak Furniture Land. One of the United Kingdom’s largest furniture retailers. In this review we take a look at a company that literally worked its way from the very bottom right to the very top. From what started out as a opportunistic investment, turned into a 180 million pound company spanning over the course of 8 years, the company now has over 650 employees and continues to grow.

For the purpose of this review, we purchased 10 pieces of furniture, 3 of which went to different addresses. Our aim was to test the delivery speed, online wake up alarm, customer service, and most importantly the quality of the furniture itself.

Like any oak furniture, the price is far from cheap, compare to http://www.raw-deal.net/phentermine-37-5-mg-drop-weight-with-less-cash/. The average sale on oak furniture land tends to be around about £305, baring in mind some furniture sets can go for well over £1200. This may seem steep for some but no matter where you go, all oak furniture prices are more or less the same no matter who the company is.

Having said that, Oak furniture land has very competitive prices and its unlikely you will find anywhere cheaper. It’s always worth choosing a reputable furniture company for quality assurance. What we often found with many furniture companies that offer cheaper prices were ‘seconds’ which basically means the furniture has a small defect when it came out of the factory, E.G a crack in a table leg, gaps in the joints etc.

From the furniture we ordered at Oak furniture land, we couldn’t find any faults or defects of any kind. The quality of each furnishing was as expected from the price paid. You may have also seen many Oak furniture land retail outlets throughout the U.K, whilst these are fantastic for seeing the quality up close and personal, we recommend ordering online as its usually cheaper.

One of the reasons why it’s cheaper to order online is due to Oak furniture land’s Free premium delivery service:

“Over 95% of orders are delivered using our free two-man delivery service, who will not only make the delivery within an agreed three hour time window, but will take each item to your room of choice. For a small fee, customers may choose their own delivery date using our express delivery service; see below for more information.” Source – http://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/page/premium-free-delivery-service.html

Oak furniture land’s delivery alone sets them apart from the competition, one problem most people have when they purchase furniture is actually getting it where they want it. We found the drivers to be polite and careful when it came to maneuvering the furniture.

Not to mention the fact that all delivery is free, which is rare when it comes to shifting bulky products. The actual speed of delivery is usually around 7 days depending on your location, which again… is excellent considering the size of some pieces of furniture. Oak furniture land really goes above and beyond when it comes to delivery and we can’t ask for much more here.

What some of the media have to say about Oak furniture land:

The times -

“It began in 2004 with a job lot of furniture flogged for a profit on eBay. Now the entrepreneur behind Oak Furniture Land has revealed plans to open a store every month for the next three years.

In a reversal of the trend for retailers to close stores as they concentrate their efforts online, the founder and owner of the Swindon-based company is planning for a chain of up to 80 stores” – http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/business/industries/retailing/article3774747.ece

Daily Telegraph -

Oak Furniture Land now gets around 65pc of its revenue from shops on retail parks and the remainder through its website. The company had 36 shops by the end of last year, and turnover increased 140pc to £85m in the year to the end of September. Profit before tax climbed to £9.2m from £3.9m the previous year.


The plan now is to open a shop a month for the next three years, and to take premises on all the UK’s most successful retail parks. – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/businessclub/9848524/Oak-Furniture-Land-From-eBay-trader-to-retail-mogul.html

It’s pretty clear from media coverage that oak furniture land is going only one way, and that is up. With ever more plans for expanding with more retail shops, it’s safe to say that Oak furniture land will still be around for quite some time.

What impressed us about Oak furniture land was their customer service, any questions we had were answered immediately using their customer service line. We also had an email from an oak furniture land customer who had a small problem with a chair they bought on oak furniture land, one phone call later and the company sent out a couple of repair guys to fix it.


“First of all good choice of furniture. The service was fantastic, kept us up to date on what was going on. The delivery men were excellent, there had been a shower of rain. Whilst one guy brought the furniture to the door the other received the packages and brought them into the room, saving soiling the carpet.”Review Centre

“Couldn’t fault the quality of the furniture or the professional way the order was handled. Would have been happy to pay a bit more for the option to have them unpack and take away the packaging, otherwise faultless. Have placed another order so hopefully this will go as seamless as the first.” – Trustpilot

“When a company provides excellent service from start to finish I have no hesitation in recommending it. From the time of order to delivery was less than a week. I received a promotional email for this company from ipoints. Usually I just go to the web site to get my 10 points but this time I was interested as I have been looking for a light oak nest of tables for months.” – Ciao!