Choosing Oak for Storage

When it comes to the furniture you use to store your valuables in, you want the strongest material you can find. Leaving your important papers, family heirlooms or valuable items to the whim of a piece that is far less than sturdy can mean losing the things that are important to you.

One of the best choices available is furniture made from oak. Oak wood is heavy, durable and popular for use in furniture making. It can sometimes be less expensive because oak is one of the most abundant hardwoods in the US. There are two types of oak: red and white. White oak wood is waterproof and was used historically to build ships because of this fact. Red oak was favored for hardwood floors and railroad ties. Both are sturdy and long lasting. These traits make the furniture built from oak more durable than that made from other hardwoods.

What Are Other Advantages to Oak Furniture?

Part of the reason oak wood holds up for so long is that it does not damage easily. If you’re looking for file cabinets that will hold up to moves and the wear and tear of daily use, then oak is a good choice. Or if you are putting a dresser into a child’s room, where it might face some heavy use, oak would make a sturdy choice.

Another advantage to choosing unfinished oak furniture is that it stains well. You can use the color stain that matches your other furniture with the confidence that the oak piece will absorb the color and be a good match to the rest of the room.

What to Watch for When Choosing Oak Storage Furniture

Well constructed oak storage furniture will deliver the durability you are looking for. One of the things you should watch for, however, is whether or not the piece you are considering is truly “oak” furniture, or merely another type of wood covered with an oak veneer. A thin veneer is sometimes used to dress up the appearance of less expensive wood such as pine, or of particleboard.

With true oak furniture you should check to make sure the pieces are put together with no visible gaps between them. New pieces should have no indentations and the surfaces should be smooth and level. The stain should be uniform and the grain of the wood visible beneath it.

Finding Good Oak Storage Options

There are many good oak storage pieces on the market. Your budget may determine whether you choose solid oak furniture or those with oak veneers. Even if the piece is not solid oak, the oak veneer will help make it more durable.

For file cabinets you can look to pieces such as Modern Crafts’ mobile file cart. This is an affordable choice with oak veneers and a distressed oak finish that will look stylish and function well for your office. The cabinet is finished on all four sides so it can be placed wherever you need it and still complement the room. Both of the drawers fully extend for complete access to all of your files.

Making the choice to use solid oak or oak veneer storage furniture for your home or office storage needs means long term savings. Purchasing a well built, durable cabinet that can stand up to the demands you put on it saves you the trouble and financial outlay of having to replace your file cabinets or storage furniture as often. Cheaper particle board pieces are generally not a good investment if you are looking for something to keep your papers safe.