Designing Your Bedroom With Fine Oak Furniture

Oak bedroomOak is a popular choice for fine furniture. Its appeal lies in the beauty of the wood and the sturdy strength it brings to each piece created with it. Oak is a hard wood and its density is greater than many other types of wood. That density adds to its ability to provide the support needed for a solid piece of furniture.

Because it is a slow growing tree, the oak develops its great strength over a long period of time. This strength is of particular importance in bedroom furniture. Oak can support the weight of both mattresses and occupants while resisting the stress that can make other woods come apart. Few other types of wood can support as much weight without breaking under the stress. Oak is also resistant to decay, a trait that allows it to maintain its strength over the years. And oak’s beautiful texture adds to the beauty of the room whilst also providing durability.

There is no piece of furniture quite like a traditional, handcrafted, oak bed. The light wood, with its natural markings and patterns, can fit perfectly into any room, whether you have a classic, vintage, or more modern décor. Oak is a strong, hard-wearing wood, which makes it durable enough to provide the support needed to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. In addition, oak’s natural qualities means an oak bed will last for years, even in the busiest of households. The soft rounded edges of an oak bed frame are beautiful and elegant, making the oak seem to simply blend into its surroundings, and it will compliment any room, whilst instantly becoming the focal point.

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Oak wood resists other problems as well. Because of its density, the wood resists scratches, scuffs and dents better than other woods. Certain types of oak are also resistant to water damage. This makes them less vulnerable to warping and cracking that can come in climates with higher levels of humidity. In the past oak was even used to build ships because of its waterproof tendencies.

It isn’t strength alone that makes oak such a popular choice for furniture. The beauty of its natural grain and its ability to absorb stain make it a fine choice for creating a wide variety of looks and styles. Such beauty is important in any part of a home, but is perhaps especially important in a bedroom.

Turn a bedroom into the ultimate relaxation center by choosing to furnish the room with oak furniture. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, oak bedroom furniture will add a polished, sleek, stylish accent to the surrounding décor and color scheme.

Various types of furniture can be classified as bedroom furniture. Headboards, bedframes, and mattresses provide a comfortable and luxurious place to drift off to dreamland. Dressers and nightstands can produce extra storage space for clothing, knickknacks, and other items. Each bedroom furniture piece can be mix and matched for a customized look, or purchased as a set for uniform, sleek, stylish look.

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The bedroom is where most of us relax and let go of the worries and stresses of the day. It’s a room that we want to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Achieving the look we want means finding the right pieces for the room. And the centerpiece of a bedroom is the bed itself.

Oak bedroom sets are an important piece to fashion the entire room around. They come in light or dark colors so the choices available are of many. It would be too simplistic to see oak beds as old fashioned or only for rooms meant to feel cozy and traditional. Oak goes with modern design as well. The soft honey color of many light oaks opens up a room, making it feel more spacious than it is. It can also combine with sleek, modern furnishings, allowing their simple lines and angles to complement the wood.

The choices available in oak bedroom sets show off the popularity of this wood. A perfect example of this can be seen in the classic sleigh bed found in Furniture Traditions Alder Hill Collection. This bed is made from Northern Red Oak and its elegant curved design is a perfect match for either traditional or contemporary rooms.

The more traditional Spindle bed offered by Furniture Traditions shows off Northern Red Oak’s beauty as well. This timeless design comes in twin, full, queen or king sizes and can set off your bedroom magnificently.

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You can combine these elegant beds with pieces such as the Master-Piece Treasure Chest, a functional oak unit designed to provide maximum storage space. It has a velvet-lined jewelry drawer and a secret drawer that locks behind the decorative moulding. It comes with Furniture Traditions Heirloom Warranty that shows the company’s faith in its amazing oak furniture. Each piece is so well crafted it will become an heirloom.

Before you choose which oak furniture you want to use for your bedroom, it’s best to find out your perfect layout first:

Have you ever been in a room that just feels right? Nine times out of 10, it’s because it has a simple design that functions well. But creating a simple design is harder than it looks — particularly in bedrooms.

Why? Because every bedroom absolutely has to have a bed in it. And beds are big and ungainly, and dictate the placement of every other object in the room. But if you’re lucky enough to be planning a bedroom from scratch or remodeling an existing bedroom, you can control the other elements and create a space that’s both practical and pretty.

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