How to warm your kitchen up

For many people, their kitchen is the heart of their home. It’s the cozy center that’s made for family meals and conversations. Finding the perfect furnishings to enhance the natural appeal of your kitchen can help you make that room truly the centerpiece of your home. One of the best woods to use in your kitchen space is oak. Not only is it a beautifully grained wood, but it gives a warm feel to a room. That warmth will give extra appeal and coziness to your kitchen.

Determine your budget. Transforming a kitchen need not cost a lot of money, but it’s best to keep this factor in mind throughout the process. Transforming a kitchen can mean anything from a few new decorations and accessories to a full remodel. Pick the right middle ground for you and your kitchen, and do only the steps here that best suit you and your room.

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One of the wonderful things about oak is that it takes stain really well. What this means for your kitchen is you can design the color scheme you want and make your oak cabinets fit the theme. Because the warmth of the wood still radiates through the finish you put on, your cabinets will still help create the comfortable space you’re looking for no matter what color you choose.

Thanks to the sturdy craftsmanship of solid oak furnishings, you can fill your kitchen with cool antiques such as old pie safes. Even if you have to strip the wood and re-stain it, the piece has likely weathered the years without losing its support and strength. This means your antiques can still serve not only as conversation pieces, but as actual storage too. You can use them as they were meant to be used, or repurpose them for whatever you need in your kitchen. Sanding, adding molding or painting can make your antique an excellent addition to today’s kitchen.

Oak can blend with more modern designs too. The light feel of honey colored oak combined with sleek white appliances can make even a small kitchen feel more open and spacious. Both the wood and the white will make the sunshine reflect through your kitchen for a cozy feel. The wonderful thing about oak is it goes with almost everything. And it can make your kitchen look elegant, folksy or natural. The theme is yours to choose.

Bright, natural colours are a great option, particularly when all is grey and drizzly outside! This is really down to personal preference, but warm shades like red, orange and yellow are the first choices, while greens and pinks add depth and complexity to a vibrant colour scheme. If you’d rather tone it down, deep reds and browns are a great way to create a traditional look.

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Don’t throw out those old oak cabinets. Repurpose them instead. You can add a plate rack to add space to them. Or remove the doors to create open storage to make your kitchen space feel bigger. Solid oak cabinets should hold their strength so why toss them when you can remake them into what you want.

Another way to add the warmth of oak to your kitchen is with barstools. Create a breakfast nook that everyone can enjoy by adding solid, comfortable stools to your counter. You can use the traditional backed chair type stool, the scooped seat stools such as Homelegance Saddleback barstools, or go for the electric appeal of the Haussmann Twist Oak Oil stool. Made in Thailand, these unique stools are hand carved and eco-friendly. The beautiful finish on this simple design is golden oak oil.

Thanks to its ability to resist dents, scarring and other wear and tear, oak makes a great wood for your dining room table too, proving you don’t get tricked into buy veneer. Unless of course you want that. Your family can feel comfortable eating on it without the worry that your investment in a dining room set will be destroyed by normal use. Oak is a hard wood and its density makes the surface of oak pieces stronger. That kind of durability will really come in handy in the kitchen.

You can add to the storage space in your kitchen with items such as Sunset Trading’s kitchen cart. This charming piece has four drawers that open from either side for easy access and two open shelves to store and display your decorative cookware and other kitchen items.