Why Oak Furniture is Better than Pine Furniture

Getting the Solid on Why Oak Furniture is Better than Pine Furniture

It’s Time to Solidify Your Furniture Purchasing Decisions: Oak vs. Pine.

OakvspineYou bought your dream home several years ago, a big step toward solidifying your family’s future. It has beautiful bones and a structure that is solid and welcoming. Because you invested more at that time, you needed to furnish it with whatever you could afford at the time, scouring yard sales, bargain shopping and the like.

In the beginning, you could only afford discounted pieces or hand me downs so your home was a mix match of your parent’s coffee and dining room table from the 70s and your Aunt Sara’s twin bed set from the 50s.

Avocado and burnt orange was the only color palette you could afford at one time, and now, you’re ready to make a lifelong investment in furniture that really speaks to you and your individual style.

When it comes to the deciding on whether to choose pine or oak furniture there are a couple of things which make a difference but it can also boil down to a matter of choice. Pine as a wood is usually cheaper than oak due to oak taking longer to grow which increases its price. As well as a more expensive price, oak has superior strength compared to pine although they are both known to have a high strength, oak has the edge by far though.

Oak has a higher weight than pine to so is suited to more long life pieces of wooden furniture such as a oak dining tables and chairs as these can take a large amount of bangs, knocks and spills over its lifetime. Pine has a much lighter weight so has been a choice for bedroom furniture such as a pine double wardrobe and makes it much easier to move pine bedroom furniture around when you want to change the layout, or to another room or even moving house.

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You’re Ready to Take the Next Step

You’re excited to buy the dining room table where your family will be able to all sit around together, without having mix and match chairs. Or, you’re looking forward to finally being able to store your classic book collection on a bonafied bookshelf, instead of in plastic milk crates or boxes. So, the choice beckons: do you choose oak or pine furniture?

Oak and Pine: As Different as Oil and Water

There few similarities between the two woods, both in durability as well as style. Pine wood is traditionally used and better suited for Southwest Furniture and traditional styles due to its light color and softness. Oak furniture offers much more versatility in style, ranging from contemporary to traditional country designs. In essence, pine is a soft wood and oak is a hardwood. Therefore, it is longer lasting, less susceptible to damage (when properly maintained), heavier, stronger and has greater resistance than wood furniture crafted out of pine.

Oak Furniture
You can justify spending more money on oak furniture however as it is longer lasting and harder wearing than pine. This makes oak furniture an ideal wood for dining furniture, particularly oak dining tables. Showing an expanse of oak wood on a dining table also looks beautiful, a stunning focus point for your kitchen or dining room. There are many pine and oak dining sets on the website which offer great value for money (save money compared to buying items separately).
Pine Furniture
Pine is often used for painted furniture which has become very popular recently. Ivory, cream and white bedroom furniture is best suited to pine as it takes stains and paint well. Particular cuts of pine are used that are knot free so that the colour is smooth and consistent. You can follow the link to view all our white furniture.

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You Can’t Put a Price tag on Lasting Memories

While pine is generally more affordable, it is also softer and can’t endure as much wear and tear as oak. Oak trees also take longer to grow than pine trees. Lasting durability is also a reason why oak furniture is traditionally more expensive than pine furniture. However, the longevity and better ability to withstand wear and tear is well worth the added dollar investment. You want to purchase pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time. You want pieces that have incredible durability, so you can sit around the table sharing Thanksgiving dinner with your family for years to come. The memories accumulated from breaking bread at the table will be priceless to you and your family in years to come.

Low Maintenance and Lasting Durability

While oak is harder and may appear to be more labor intensive than pine, it is actually relatively easy to care for and maintain. While pine can be easily damaged due to its softness, its maintenance is also higher. Oak is sturdy and solid. It does require proper maintenance like polishing and waxing and wiping it down every so often with a damp cloth, however if you take care of it, it will take care of you and hold up and look just as beautiful as the first day it was purchased.

Life’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

You take pride in your home and appreciate the value of a good investment. That’s exactly what you’re making when you purchase oak furniture.

Think of the old adage “Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint.” While pine may get you the short term results you’re looking for at a lower cost, oak furniture stands the test of time and will provide you with lasting durability and memories for the duration of your lifetime.

Key difference: Oak and pine are two different types of trees. The terms are also used to indicate wood obtained from their respective trees. There are various different types of species for each type of tree and have various different types of wood available.  As woods, oaks are considered to be a hardwood, heavy, long lasting and expensive. Oak is also known for its strength and durability, as well as a high resistance to moisture and humidity. Pines are considered to be a softwood, light weight and less expensive. Pine is also known to be stiff and sturdy and resistant to shock, but it does wear down over time, especially when exposed to heavy use.

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Oak and pine are two wood varieties that are often used to make furniture. There are few similarities between these two wood varieties. So it would be easier to identify which one is oak and which one is pine.

First, oak is hardwood while pine belongs to soft wood varieties. This means that oak is heavier and is more wear resistant. On the other hand, pine is moderately heavy and significantly lighter than oak. However, pine has excellent stiffness which enables it to resist shock.

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