Why you should buy Oak Furniture in Bulk to Get Discounts

When Less Isn’t More: How to Get the Most Value When Buying Oak Furniture

Buying in Bulk Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck

Oak-backIf you’re considering purchasing oak furniture for your home, you already know that oak is one of the pricier woods. And with good reason. Its durability, resilience and sustainability rival that of any other wood.

When you purchase oak furniture, you’re making an investment. However, most of us need to follow a budget, and there’s no better feeling than getting quality at a bargain, which is why if you can do it, purchasing oak furniture in bulk or large quantities is the best way to go.

You probably think that it’s more expensive to buy furniture sets than individual items, and of course, it’s a one-off expense, rather than spread over the years in which you might choose to furnish one room in your house with really good quality hardwood furniture. If you look at our furniture sets, however, you’ll find out that our offers save you huge amounts of money by specifically buying furniture sets. We also offer interest free credit and buy now pay later finance deals that help you get matching furniture sets without breaking the bank. In the long run, it is far cheaper to buy high quality hardwood furniture sets than to buy one thing now and add to it at a later date. Source – http://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/page/furniture-sets.html

Overstocked Stores Equal Greater Savings When You Purchase in Bulk

Additionally, if you can find a place that is overstocked and selling oak furniture on a wholesale basis, you’ll save even more money. When you purchase oak furniture wholesale, you immediately cut your costs without sacrificing quality, and with the constant flow of advertisements in the media from television and radio to newspapers and the internet, you’re certain to find a bargain quickly. Keep in mind that wholesale furniture is bought in bulk and there may be some imperfections, however if you know the basics on furniture repair or restoration, this shouldn’t be a problem as long as the dents and dings are minor.

The More You Buy, the Lower the Cost

oakfurnitureKeep in mind, the more you buy, the lower the cost and the deeper the discount. If you’ve just moved into your home and are ready to fill it from top to bottom, you’re in a great position to negotiate with furniture owners for discounts based on the amount you purchase. If you tell a store owner you’re looking to fill four rooms, and need to purchase everything from a dining room table and chairs to desks and bookcases for the den, to a sleigh bed and twin bunk beds for the upstairs bedrooms, the salesperson will immediately be calculating that commission and be more likely to ask the store manager about giving you a discount.

Plus store owners and managers will see it as a way to move inventory quickly and be generous with discount offers. So, if you’re able to do it, hold off until you need several rooms furnished. You may have to store those books in boxes or plastic bins a bit longer, and eat off of a dining room table that isn’t the table you envisioned everyone sitting around this Thanksgiving, but once you see how much you’ll save by purchasing in bulk, it will be well worth the wait.

Remember to inspect what you’re buying as well, any imperfections are a sign of savings to be had according to howtohaggle.com.

Good to know: Quite often you’ll find employees have a discretionary 10% discount that they can offer when asked, and furniture has a high mark up anyway, leaving room for the buyer to negotiate.

‘Furniture retailers aren’t growing at the moment unless they’re very niche,’ says Neil Saunders, analyst at retail consultancy Verdict. ‘They will be looking for every sale they can as it’s no longer about making profit, but keeping the cashflow going.’

When It Pays to Tolerate a Testy Long Distance Drive With Family and Friends

Another option is asking your friends and family to go in on you on a large furniture purchase. Keep in mind, there are several states that offer extremely good prices on furniture (North Carolina is known as the furniture Capital of the world) so if you can get your brothers, sisters and parents to rent a truck, share the cost of gas, drive to one of these states and purchase oak furniture in bulk quantities, the amount of money you’ll save will make any arguments you have with your sister on the choice of music to play or any arguments you have with your husband about whether or not the GPS is right or wrong, seem insignificant.

Whether you opt to decorate your entire home at once, buy bulk in wholesale, or enlist family and friends to “go the distance” for the furnished home of your dreams, you’ll find that buying in bulk can save you upwards of fifty percent of what you would pay at normal retail cost for the same furniture. And that’s something to write home about.

The high street is hurting, and nowhere more so than in the homes and interiors sector, bruised by the current property downturn. Almost every week another furniture company goes into liquidation and a ‘sale’ banner goes up in the window – a red scar across the face of the company that needs no further explanation.

But every cloud does indeed appear to have its silver lining, and this commercial dilemma has spawned an opportunity for a new breed of furniture warehouse spreading across the country.

Riding on the back of companies that need to offload stock quickly and for whatever money they can realise, out-of-town furniture warehouses have sprung up quickly to satisfy demand, quietly selling off ends of lines, oversupply, liquidation stock and returned customer orders, at hugely discounted prices and away from the prying eyes of the high street. Source – http://www.theguardian.com/money/2005/sep/18/observercashsection.theobserver4