Why You Should Purchase An Oak Dining Room Table

Choosing furnishings for your house is an important task. Each room has its function and the pieces you select should serve both that function and your own preferences as to color and style.

For most of us, the dining room serves as the conversation center of the home. Family meals, holiday dinners and special occasions all happen in the dining room. So the table you choose should be one that is up to the task of supporting these special events in your life.

Why Choose Oak

Dining room tables face a lot of wear and tear. They are usually a huge investment and not a piece you want to have to replace very often. Many of them even become family heirlooms. So the table you choose should be crafted of sturdy material that will last. One of the most popular and long lasting materials is oak wood.

A solid oak dining room table optimises quality and an ageless style, effortlessly providing a high standard of elegant luxury, which is as relevant for a party of twenty as it is for an intimate dinner for two.

A solid oak dining table, complemented by solid oak dining chairs, can provide a robust and stylish alternative to veneer which will not only quickly date stylistically, but in terms of quality fails to match the longevity of solid oak dining room furniture.

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Oak comes with some important advantages for a dining room table. Its dense composition, developed over the many years it takes an oak tree to grow to maturity, makes its surface better able to resist scratching, scuffing and indentations. Since there will be many activities at the table that could mar the surface, it helps that oak wood can fend off some of these potential scars. The surface of your table will remain beautiful for many years because of it.

Another trait of oak wood that makes it a good choice for a dining room table is its ability to resist water damage. Oak was a traditional wood for shipbuilding many years ago due to its waterproof tendencies. Serving drinks and liquids on your table will be less of a hazard for a wood that is able to resist staining and degradation from those liquids.

Oak is a dense hardwood, which is super-strong, and able to resist insect and fungal attacks. Used in the past to build naval ships, today it makes great looking furniture. The perfect choice for people with an active lifestyle, it doesn’t damage easily, stains well, and suits both traditional and contemporary interiors. One of the most attractive woods due to its striking grain, it’s warm and tactile, and looks fabulous in any guise, whether a bed, dining table or kitchen cabinet.

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is also more resistant to decay, warping and cracking due to climate conditions such as humidity. This resistance ensures that your oak table will be around for many years. Since purchasing a dining room set can be a major financial investment, this makes the purchase of an oak dining room table a wise choice.

Whatever the color and style of your dining room, oak can still be a good choice. Due to its ability to absorb stain well, oak tables come in a variety of colors or are even coated in a clear urethane to maintain their natural look. This versatility means you can find an oak table to suit most any décor.

Or you can refinish an old oak table to make it a wonderful new addition to your dining room. Thanks to the quality craftsmanship of fine furniture, even an antique oak table can be refinished to shine in a new setting. Since it is such a durable wood, it is likely that the old table will still have the strength and beauty to serve a new generation as well as it served the one in the past.

While a solid oak table will be the sturdier and more long lasting choice, budget considerations can keep such a set out of your price range. Although it is found in abundance in the US, oak furniture is not always an inexpensive choice. There is another, more affordable option. Some tables come with an oak veneer which covers other types of wood such as pine and particleboard. However, do not get tricked into buying veneer. These veneers can strengthen the other wood and offer some of the advantages of oak to the piece. If you have to choose the table with the veneer, it is still a good choice to go with an oak one.